Learn to play Steelpan – the National Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago. Youth and teen classes are held at Military Circle Mall and are open to students of all skill levels ages 7-18. We teach the steelpan art form including the culture, history and performance. Our activity develops within participants, the concepts of cooperative achievement, individual responsibility and reinforce the importance of discipline in achieving success. For more information about one of our offerings call (757) 625-0545 or email us at info@MosaicSteelOrchestra.org.

Homeschool Class








Our Homeschool class is specifically designed to meet the criteria of the Music Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools. Students will learn: 

  • To play melodies within the range of an octave                             
  • To perform in a four-part music ensemble
  • To read and perform melodies from the treble staff
  • To use a wide range of tempos and dynamics
  • To play chords to accompany a melody 

Develop individual strengths such as focus and communication within the context of a team-building group activity. Our participants demonstrate higher levels of self-confidence and greater self-esteem. We appreciate that increased morale during early childhood aids in improved overall health.